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Boca Juniors x Fluminese: watch live

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South American football is known for its fervent passion and electrifying games, and the 2023 Libertadores Final promises to be no exception, especially when Boca Juniors and Fluminense face off in an epic duel.


For fans who cannot be present at the stadium, live streaming is the key to experiencing the full emotion of the game

How do you want to watch?

ESPN, known for its comprehensive sports coverage, is one of the top destinations for South American football fans. To watch the 2023 Libertadores Final between Boca Juniors and Fluminense, make sure you have access to ESPN channels on your cable television schedule. ESPN offers engaging storytelling and expert analysis, enriching the game-watching experience.


In addition, ESPN also makes its streaming platform available, ESPN+, which allows fans to watch games live on mobile devices, computers and Smart TVs. Make sure you sign up for the service and be ready for the exciting Libertadores Final.

For fans who prefer the mobility and flexibility of watching the game anywhere, OneFootball is the ideal choice. This sports streaming platform offers a personalized experience, providing real-time information, game statistics, and even highlights.

Download the OneFootball app on your mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet, and be ready to receive instant updates on the Libertadores 2023 Final. Additionally, OneFootball often offers the option to watch live streams, providing an immersive experience even on movement.


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What device do you want to watch on?

With the most diverse possibilities that the internet has brought, you can watch your matches online and live via:


    • Smartphone (Android and iOS)

    • Tablet (Android and iOS)

    • Computer (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX)

    • Smart TV

Each device is adapted to a reality. At home, for example, the best option for you might be Smart TV, right? But if, for example, you are on the bus, perhaps a cell phone would be a more viable option.

Choose one of the options above and you will be redirected to content on our blog, where we explain how to watch football live.





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We also brought the possibility for you to watch the matches via just a cell phone application. This way, watching football live will be easy and it will be easy to follow any competition that is taking place at the moment.


OneFootball is responsible for broadcasting several world championships through its app, whether English, Spanish or Italian leagues. It also broadcasts the Copa Libertadores da América and the main football championships.


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The feeling of watching a game in real time, experiencing the vibration of the fans and celebrating every point scored is what connects sports fans. 

Thanks to technological advancements, mobile apps now offer a convenient and easy way to follow each game, regardless of your location.




DAZN is a dedicated sports streaming service that brings live coverage of a variety of sporting events, including Argentine football.

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Common questions:

Watching football through the app offers convenience and mobility. Access live games, replays and statistics from anywhere with internet.

Watching football live on the website allows flexibility and immediate access. No need to install apps, just sign in and start watching.

Yes, the app sends you real-time notifications to keep you updated on games, scores and important news.

Yes, the app offers live streams of various leagues and tournaments, allowing you to watch the games in real time from anywhere.

The app is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, ensuring a fluid experience.

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