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Black Friday 2022: when is it and which stores have offers

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One of the great moments for lovers of compulsive shopping (and for those who don't like it) is approaching. This year's Black Friday is getting closer and closer to us. When will be? Well, like every year, the event is mainly held on the last Friday of November. Therefore, on November 25th we will be flooded by all online and physical stores with crazy banners and messages.


However, you should know that Black Friday will not only be celebrated on the 25th. A few years ago, department store entrepreneurs thought that since Black Friday had already become so popular, it would be more productive to extend this discount period. for a few more days or weeks.

This year, Black Friday is celebrated on Friday, November 25th, but it starts much earlier.


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That's why almost all online and physical stores start referencing Black Friday deals in early November. That's why Amazon, AliExpress, Magazine and Americanas are full of good prices.

Where can we see the best deals?

The vast majority of sales will be made through Amazon, as has been the case for years. However, many others can and will compete with even more competitive prices than Jeff Bezos' store.

It's always a good time to shop on Black Friday. We don't know where you can find the best Black Friday deals, but what we do know is that we will be paying attention to the products you buy most and that you will make the most of. Most of all, we'll be looking at smartphones, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Echo and Fire TV devices, laptops, cleaning electronics, and smart home gadgets.

So stay tuned here at Bem Informado for tips on cheap Black Friday products.

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