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How to Subscribe to Premiere FC and Enjoy the Best of Brazilian Football

Read until the end if you are a true fan of Brazilian football and don't want to miss any of the main games.


In this article, we'll guide you through the Premiere FC subscription process so you can enjoy all the excitement of the sport right from your home. See the Brazilian Championship, Copa do Brasil, State Championships and much more, subscribing to Premiere FC is the ideal option for you.

As a Premiere FC subscriber, you can follow the best moments of Brazilian football from anywhere in the world, with the best quality and with impressive speed. Get ready to have the best moments and most memorable games on your screen at any time of the day.


Discover Premiere FC

Premiere FC is a pay television channel focused exclusively on broadcasting Brazilian football matches. It offers complete coverage of the main national tournaments, including the Brazilian Championship games in series A and B, State Championships, Copa do Brasil, Copa Primeira League and much more. 

With Premiere FC, you can access live matches, expert analysis, pre- and post-game programs and much more, all related to the world of Brazilian football. If you are that type of fan who loves Brazilian football, you will be able to keep up to date with everything that goes on on the field and behind the scenes of each team.

You have access to monthly or annual plans that fit your budget. Choose the best option for you, and see how easy it can be to register and activate your subscription to Premiere FC. You can watch via the app on your cell phone, or even on your television or computer.

Visit the official Premiere FC website

First of all you will need to access the official Premiere FC website where you will be able to see all the coverage that the channel offers and which means and auxiliary streams will allow you to watch the channel's games. You can choose to subscribe to Premiere FC alone, along with Globoplay, Telecine, and other options.

Each of the options will have a different value, and it is up to the user to decide which offers the best accessibility and cost-benefit options. At this stage, it is important that you take into account where you will watch the games, whether it is on your cell phone or television, and what other programming you want to watch in addition to sports.

Choose a Plan

On the website or app, you will find subscription plan options. Choose the plan that best meets your needs and budget. Plans generally offer unlimited access to all Premiere FC matches and related content. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription.

Once this is done, you will need to create a globo account, which will be the account used to centralize your login, so you can access whichever devices you want. It is essential that you enter a username and password that you will remember, and enter an email that you have access to in your inbox.

Payment for the chosen plan

After completing the registration form, you will be asked to enter your payment information. Before paying, make sure that all your information has been entered correctly and that your details are up to date. You can choose to pay by credit card, pix or bank slip.

Plans are monthly or annual, and with the annual plan you pay much less than you expected, meaning you can be carefree about the subscription discount on your card. If you choose to pay by credit card, don't worry, as your card will be registered for future charges.

Confirmation via email

After completing the payment process, you will receive a subscription confirmation. In some cases, you'll be able to start watching right away. In others, it may be necessary to wait for payment validation, in the case of a bank slip. It is important that you try to log into your account as soon as everything is confirmed.

Make sure the service has been activated correctly and start enjoying the benefits of being a Premiere FC subscriber. If you do not receive an account activation confirmation via email, you must contact globo support to find out what may have happened.

Annual and Monthly Plan

Premiere FC offers annual and monthly subscription options. The annual plan usually offers a discount compared to the monthly subscription, making it a popular choice among football fans. Additionally, some pay TV operators offer combos that include Premiere FC, which can be a great way to save.

Premiere FC subscription prices may vary by platform and operator. Generally, the monthly price is around R$ 60.00, and the annual price can be even more economical, coming in at around R$360.00. It is important to check the updated prices on the official Premiere FC website or app.

Premiere FC has quality football for you

Subscribing to Premiere FC is the perfect way for football fans not to miss any of the main national tournaments. With access to all live games, analysis and exclusive content, you will always be up to date with the world of Brazilian football. 

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, follow the subscription process and start enjoying all the excitement of Brazil's most popular sport! Remember to check updated prices and details on the official Premiere FC website or app before to sign. Ready to take advantage of the advantages that Premiere FC has for you?

Common questions:

What is Premiere FC?

Premiere FC is a network of television channels dedicated exclusively to broadcasting sporting events, especially football. It is one of the top options for sports fans in Brazil, offering extensive coverage of live games, analysis, sports programs and related content.

What sporting events are broadcast on Premiere FC?

Premiere FC mainly broadcasts football games, including national championships such as the Brasileirão, state championships, and also international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores and other relevant tournaments. Additionally, it can offer extra content, such as documentaries and sports analysis programs.

How can I subscribe to Premiere FC?

To subscribe to Premiere FC, it is generally necessary to contact your pay TV operator and request inclusion of the package that includes Premiere FC channels. After subscribing, you can access content through TV channels or, in some cases, associated streaming platforms.

Does Premiere FC offer any streaming services or apps?

Yes, Premiere FC usually offers a streaming service or app to its subscribers, which allows them to watch live games, replays, analysis and other sports content directly on mobile devices, tablets or computers. This service can be accessed by authenticating with Premiere FC subscription credentials.

What are the advantages of subscribing to Premiere FC compared to other sports broadcasting options?

One of the main advantages of subscribing to Premiere FC is its exclusive dedication to the sport, offering a wide range of live games, in-depth coverage and specialized programs. Additionally, Premiere FC often has exclusive broadcast rights to certain events, meaning you can watch games that aren't available on other platforms.

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