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Mobile applications have become an essential tool in our daily lives, helping us with a wide range of tasks. One of the most popular uses of smartphones is quick and easy access to information, including searching for unfamiliar words or improving vocabulary.


In this Bem Informado article, we will present the best dictionary apps available, so you can expand your vocabulary in a simple and efficient way.


Dicio is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive online Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries. Your application conveniently provides the meanings of more than 100 thousand words, synonyms, antonyms and examples of use, all at your fingertips.


One of the main highlights of this application is the ease of use of its features. One of the features is the ability to view content offline, once it has been previously downloaded. User can select any word in any other app and get its meanings through Popup Meanings feature.

In addition, the application offers “Word of the Day”, which presents a new term daily, as well as “Random Words”, to enrich vocabulary at any time. Videos are also available that address common Portuguese questions, voice search and other useful tools.


Michaelis Escolar 3 Línguas is an application that combines three dictionaries on a single platform. Included in this collection are the Michaelis Portuguese Language School Dictionary, the Michaelis English School Dictionary and the Michaelis Spanish School Dictionary. In total, the application offers more than 285,000 definitions, translations, expressions and other words.

Furthermore, the app covers slang, regionalisms and foreignisms, also providing explanations and examples of the correct pronunciation of words in English and Spanish. It also provides information on syllabic division, grammatical class, verb regency, phonetics, etymology, plurals and much more.

The Free Dictionary

Aiming to become the most comprehensive in the world, The Free Dictionary offers 14 different dictionaries, each in a specific language. In addition to the various translation options, the application also offers specialized dictionaries and synonyms.

The program offers additional features such as word games, daily articles, and multiple encyclopedias. Users also have the option to share their favorite words on various social networks.

The platform uses elements characteristic of games, awarding points and badges as the user progresses in their learning. When the user accumulates a certain amount of points, the program donates meals to needy children.

Priberam Dictionary

The Priberam Dictionary offers a wide range of linguistic resources for consultation. It provides 16 dictionaries, including four specific to the Portuguese language: Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese Portuguese, with the Orthographic Agreement and without the Orthographic Agreement.

In addition to dictionaries, the application also offers 12 translation aids for Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. With this, it is possible to obtain fast and accurate translations between these languages.

Another interesting feature is the visualization of the conjugation of verbs in different forms and tenses. This facilitates the study and correct use of verbs in writing and speaking.

Aurelio Digital

Aurélio Digital brings the famous version of the Aurélio Dictionary to your cell phone. This application allows you to search for terms by typing or even using voice commands, in addition to offering a new word every day. If you prefer, you can also use the classic mode and search for entries individually among more than 3 thousand words.

It is important to highlight that the application works on the freemium model, which means that only 50 free consultations are available. When exceeding this limit, the user will need to subscribe to the paid plan to continue using the service.

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