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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

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It's normal for children to want the company of a dog friend. A dog is a big responsibility, but once we commit to it, it is very rewarding to see the little ones in the house mature and take on responsibilities while we gain a new friend. We leave you a list of best dogs for children by race!


Best Dogs for Kids


The beagle is a highly recommended dog for children due to your energy level. Especially for those with hyperactivity. This breed really enjoys constant play and exercise and, due to its size, is suitable for apartments and apartments.

His intelligence allows him to learn commands easily, always with positive reinforcement. Because he is so active, a good idea would be to channel his energy into agility courses, where he can practice hand in hand with a child. Both of you will be able to channel your energy!


Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is a very affectionate dog with children . He is playful, patient and has a lot of energy. Even though he loves running, he knows how to enjoy family time at home and stay calm. Follow the rules immediately, accepting them intelligently, understanding each order very quickly. He welcomes visitors enthusiastically and strives to be friendly and pleasant to everyone.


For calmer children who need protection or supervision, we have the collie. It has a developed protective instinct that is accentuated with the little ones at home, which is why it tends to get along very well with children and wants to defend them at all costs.

Now, the same protective instinct that makes him one of the best guard dogs can also cause him to not tolerate the presence of strangers very well, especially if they are not approached properly or the dog has not been properly socialized. That's why it's so important to teach furry friends to socialize with humans and animals from an early age.


The boxer is very playful and loves children. You can be playing for hours without getting tired. Although the playful personality is a very positive factor to take into account when selecting the best breed of dog for children, what really stands out about the Boxer is its protective and vigilant instinct, as it will not let anything or anyone get close. of children without realizing it.

Furthermore, he has a lot of patience with the little ones in the house and adopts careful behavior.

San Bernardo

Also known as the nanny dog and very famous for the film Peter Pan. The Saint Bernard is one of the best dogs for children and babies. As very young children tend to be a little rough with dogs, the Saint Bernard is ideal, and is very peaceful and calm, and will handle it with a lot of patience.

Despite its large size, it is not gross at all. He is a very good and protective dog.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a very versatile dog. It adapts to all types of situations, is an excellent companion and, in addition, is very obedient, intelligent, easy to train and protective. He loves children and is very careful with them. It is a perfect dog for children of all ages, as if he is small he will tend to protect him and give him affection, and if he is older he will want to play with him a lot.


All poodle varieties (toy, medium, large and miniature) are highly recommended for children. They are hypoallergenic dogs, which excludes any allergy problems. He is one of the most intelligent dogs around. It is very easy to train and very active.

Golden retriever

It is one of the most requested dogs precisely because of its good character. One of the best large dogs for children , due to his kindness, his playful character and because he is very affectionate. It is very easy to train due to its predisposition and intelligence.

When they are puppies they need to channel their energy, and children are perfect for this.


Greyhounds, although it may seem otherwise, are very calm dogs. They have a very calm and noble character. They just need a family that loves them and provides them with some walks in the fields where they can run.

They are generally very patient dogs with children, which suit both active and calm children. Of course, especially when it comes to small children, it is better not to let them handle the leash during walks, as greyhounds have a lot of strength in the event of pulling.

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The Dalmatian can boast of a sociable and friendly character, they love to play especially when they are puppies. They love human company, but at the same time they are independent dogs who know how to be alone. They really enjoy the company of the little ones in the house.


If we have children at home, it will be a delight, as they are a great playmate, they also really like life at home, as long as they are with their owners, they hate loneliness. In the list of best big dogs for kids , the bobtail cannot be missed.

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