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Starlink in Brazil: how to subscribe, is it worth it?

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Many parts of the world are still struggling to maintain or even provide basic internet connectivity in 2022. Those who are connected in these areas must deal with slow speeds and unreliable service. Starlink is bringing next-generation satellite internet to our homes, with initial support coming soon for best android phones.


Starlink wants to overcome many complex wireless internet challenges, including coverage, availability and low monthly data caps. This guide covers Starlink satellite internet service and why you might consider looking into it.

Today's satellite internet technology doesn't work in this modern era, which is why Starlink is looking to shake up the industry. Starlink is a new broadband Internet service provider brought to you by the same minds behind SpaceX, the rocket and spacecraft company.


The Starlink initiative aims to bring high-speed internet to virtually any market around the world using low-orbit satellites. Using low-orbit satellites for an Internet connection is unlike anything we've seen in the past. This allows us to stream and browse the web with significantly lower latency, resulting in a much better overall user experience.

“Low latency” is a key phrase when talking about Starlink or other satellite internet providers that use low-orbit satellite technology. This approach is a real game changer for satellite-based Internet. Think of latency as the delay time when you click a link and how long it takes for a website to load. The higher the latency, the more unstable your browsing experience becomes. Measured in milliseconds (ms), you want this number to be as close to zero as possible. The correlation between you, a server location, and your Internet service provider can affect the latency of your connection.

Starlink satellites are closer to Earth than other satellites, with an orbital height of about 335 to 354 miles. This classifies them as low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, which can have a typical orbital height range of up to 1,200 miles.

Because Starlink carries an internet connection signal that needs to be fast and reliable, being closer to Earth means it has less distance to travel. The result is a high-speed, low-latency internet connection that lets you stream your favorite shows in 4K.

Older satellite internet services before Starlink relied on a single geostationary satellite, which orbited 22,300 miles above Earth. Latency would be too high at this distance to effectively meet current Internet demands. Instead of using a single unit, Starlink deploys its satellites in what is known as a multi-satellite constellation.

This idea is similar to a mesh Wi-Fi network in our homes today. The multiple access points all work together as a single unit. Once deployed, these satellites communicate using high-speed lasers, allowing them to transmit enormous amounts of information between them.

Combined with low Earth orbit, Starlink's approach should help revolutionize and boost the satellite internet sector. And since Starlink has access to SpaceX, you'll see them fire up more groups of satellites from their space stations as needed. This allows them to keep up with new hardware updates year-round to deliver the best user experience possible.

SpaceX aims to launch up to 12,000 Starlink satellites into space over the next few years. If everything goes as planned, they may even extend the total number of satellites to 42,000 sometime after that.

Starlink internet service has two options: residential and business. If you want Starlink for your home, you would be interested in the residential option. Otherwise, business users will select the latter.

The section below shows you how to check Starlink availability in your area and what to expect during this process.

Residential users

To start using Starlink for your home, Check if your area is serviceable by viewing the product map. Enter your location in the Service Address text box and press the Search button to check if you can get Starlink. You'll see the Available, Waitlist, or Coming Soon status. Pressing the + button on the right reveals some extra details.

If it's not in your area, hover over the dark blue section of the map with your cursor to see when it will be available.

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If Starlink is officially in your area, clicking the Order Now button takes you to the next page where you can make your purchase.

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